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Life thru Fitness

Amy Miller

Owner and Personal Trainer

Health Solutions Center

Health and fitness has been an interest of mine since a very young age.  Leading an active lifestyle has always been a priority through every stage of my life from childhood through high school and college, during pregnancy, as my kids were growing, and through life’s challenges.  In 2003 I ran in the Kona Marathon and trained during a time when I was a married mother of 3, working full time, and a ¾ time college student.  A few years later after a much needed hysterectomy I was back to running 4 weeks post-surgery, amazing the doctor with my quick rate of recovery.  Being a good role model is important in a society where obesity is an epidemic which leads to many serious health issues. 


For my education I have an A.A.S. Degree in Health & Exercise Science from Globe College which included an internship at Presbyterian Homes – Boutwells Landing where I worked with all levels of seniors from fully independent to those in memory care.   My certifications include ACE Personal Trainer, NIHS Senior Fitness Specialist, RKC Russian Kettlebell Instructor, The Pilates Coach Reformer Instructor, and American Heart Association CPR/AED.  I also take part in continuing education to stay up to date on new science.


Regardless of age, where you are starting, what limitations you have, and what your specific goals are, I can help you along the way.  My areas of expertise in assisting others is to teach bio-mechanics and proper movement techniques leading to muscular strength and endurance gains, and weight loss while preventing injury.  I specialize in creative program design; preparing progressive personalized workouts that are different for each session with many that include functional training which mimics activities of daily living.


The list of benefits from regular exercise is endless.  It will make you feel better, look better, and be healthier.  Our bodies are made to move! Finding activities that are enjoyable is important and trying new forms of exercise can add interest and variety.  My personal favorites are activities that I can do with my family that include riding our horses, running with our huskies or hooking them to the sled in the winter, canoeing, kayaking, rollerblading, and hiking.  Because I engage in regular resistance training and cardio I can do the activities I enjoy with greater ease. 


The more sedentary a person is the more the quality of their life diminishes over time.  There is a direct correlation with the amount and intensity of activity one has and what one is physically capable of accomplishing.  Your body will adapt to the stress you put it under and it will rebuild stronger!  You are only as old as you feel.  Exercise truly is the fountain of youth!

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