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Catalyst Therapy

Sarah Wasvick

Health Solutions Center

Hundreds of athletes locally and professional athletes worldwide have used ARPwave technology along with the “In-Balance” technique for injury prevention, accelerated recovery and improved performance. ARPwave is a patented, FDA approved method for working with various types of so tissue injuries. ARPwave finds the origin of the pain, treats it and rapidly eliminates the symptoms for real results — fast. Typically the pain symptoms are reduced about 25% after one ARP treatment.


Injuries come from the body’s inability to absorb the amount of force being placed on it — whether it be all at once from an outside source or repetitive motion with incorrect biomechanics. We look at injuries as a force absorption problem that resulted in an injury. Most treatments are designed to work on where the injury ended up — in the injured tissue itself. ARPwave protocols allow us to find the CAUSE of the injury and correct the cause while healing the injured tissue at the same time.


The “In Balance” technique is a blend of applied kinesiology and functional neurology that highlights the “disconnects” in how the nervous system is communicating with the muscles. Slow or weak communication will cause the muscles to respond late and with less strength. Now the muscles are not able to absorb the force necessary to complete the task. It is very common for this force, then, to be transferred to other areas of the body that were not designed for that purpose. These areas then break down in some way. They can over stretch, become inflamed, tear or fray. Our brain then sends a pain message that tells our body to make compensations (limp, protect, contract). These compensations can induce other injuries or pain as well because now we have muscles doing jobs they are not meant to do. This lack of force absorption will also continue to aggravate the current injury.


Once these “disconnects” are stabilized (think of gapping a spark plug properly) the absorption and transfer of force is maximized. Along with the ARP protocols compensation patterns can now be eliminated, increased circulation optimizes healing, overall strength and stability increase and recovery time is greatly shortened.


Stabilizing the communication between your nervous system and muscles is also a very PROACTIVE approach to preventing injury. This miscommunication is potentially an injury waiting to happen. Staying “In-Balance” improves agility, durability, overall strength and balance. Be sure you send your body into a workout or athletic event “running on all cylinders”.


Strengthening after an injury with the ARPwave helps you strengthen faster because the increased blood flow to the area allows more intense work to take place. This also helps eliminate the return of old compensation patterns. The patented wave pattern also allows the muscles to relax and recover much faster than other methods. Relaxing muscles reduces and sometimes eliminates the muscle soreness that most people experience a day or two after strength work. This allows for treatments to be much closer together (even daily) and therefore healing and repair will be faster.


The ARPwave machine can also permeate scar tissue, increase the circulation in the area and flush the toxins from inflammation and scar tissue out of the body.


After achieving unparalleled results with my personal injuries as well as my family’s I decided that this was my “missing link”. After years of various therapies and unacceptable results I had finally found what worked. The proof is in the results reported from friends, family and clients!!



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