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Flow Bodywork & Wellness
Ashley Edell

About Flow Bodywork & Wellness:

Flow Bodywork & Wellness offers unique Flow Stone Treatments and one-on-one Wellness mentoring. The Flow Stone Treatment is inspired by traditional gua sha and uses both traditional and modern applications during the treatment. This gentle, treatment helps the nerves, lymph and blood "re-calibrate into balance". Flow stone treatments are done by gliding an oiled stone tool over the skin to move fluids and release tension in soft tissue. It has also been called “moving the ocean” as it “squeegees” the lymph and blood. It can be done gently to increase circulation, reduce stress in the body and provide a “balancing effect” for the emotions. For acute injuries, the onset of a cold/flu and trouble areas with chronic pain, a more aggressive application may be recommended which is more of a traditional application of gua sha.  


What Does Cake Have To Do With It?

Are you familiar with the Graston Technique used by many chiropractors? The Graston Technique uses a metal tool that is run over the skin to break up knotted and scarred tissue to restore mobility and function. Flow Stone Treatments use a special stone tool to work on not only the tissue layers but also on the fluid layer of the body. Think of it this way: with a knife you can both cut a cake and frost a cake depending on how you use it. Graston “cuts” the adhesions and Flow Stone Treatments “frosts” the fluid layer back into balance. 


About Ashley Edell:

Ashley was born and raised in Hastings, with her mother’s side being from Hastings for a handful of generations. She graduated Hastings High School in 2007 and went on to attend the University of MinnesotaTwin Cities where she earned a Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition: Didactic Program in Dietetics in 2012. Ashley has worked in various food and health settings including hospital food service, food product research and development, quality assurance in food and personal care product industries, quality systems management and food manufacturer auditing. She has also worked for TCM doctors and bodyworkers, this is where she learned gua sha from her mentor in 2018. For over 10 years Ashley has been learning about the body from both a modern and a traditional medicine perspective. In addition to her formal nutrition education she uses folk medicine, effects of hot and cold water (hydrotherapy) and modifications to diet, exercise and supplements to improve overall wellness.   


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